A Comprehensive Estate Sales

Preparing for a Sale

After choosing ACES as your estate sale company here are some DO’s and DON’T s we recommend:

  • DON’T give away, throw away, or sell ANY items before our consultation or sale. This is the biggest mistake that people make concerning estate liquidation. Every little thing contributes to the value of your estate. By “cleaning house” prior to a sale you can dramatically reduce your end result. If you feel you must do something, we recommend disposing of perishable food and personal/financial papers ONLY, the More Items in the Sale the More Successful the Sale will be.
  • DON'T stress about how messy things might be, we will organize your property for the sale. It is really best to let us handle all the work. You don’t have to lift a finger! Most sales can be done in one week, from start to finish. Very large sales can sometimes take an additional week or two for set-up.
  • DO pack and remove from the property any items you wish to keep, or move them all into the same room that will be locked off during the sale.
  • DO be prepared to be away from the property during set-up and sale.  The process and timeline can be compromised if the home is occupied, and can sometimes be an emotional experience for family members.  We will, of course, remain in communication via phone for any questions, concerns or last-minute thoughts.
  • DO feel confident leaving your sale in ACES hands; we are confident that you will be DELIGHTED with the outcome!